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Soap Design

Take a look at some of the most brilliant soap designs of our generation and beyond. Soap design is more relevant than most designers think and it is often used by product design students to improve their skills in a very playful way.

Menzo Men’s Soap 


This student project made from stone and wood is an exquisite and premium packaging. Yu-Heng Li who created this masterpiece was inspired by the nature of Taiwan and it is targeted for everyone who knows how to take care of themselves.


London Fields Soap Company


This East London based company is all about handmade, organic and beautiful products. London Field’s goal is to bring back the „bar soap“ which is the most traditional form of soap. Their packaging represents a simple but where detailed and elegant look. It is inspired by the „art deco period“ but also represent the modern times we live in.




Aesop is one of the most famous care product companies in the world. Founded in 1987 in Melbourne. Their signature smell is just as unique as their simple and elegant product design. Aesop has to be highly respected in terms of design because they play strictly by corporate design. This behavior made their products one of the most recognized worldwide.


Lavandin and Olive Oil Bar Soap


This lavandin soap was custom designed for Nannie Inez. It is balanced to reach its cleaning function while providing protection for your skin.

The Lavandin bar is made for Nannie Inez by Goobsi. Goobsi says you should feed your skin like you feed your body – only with nature’s best ingredients.



Tom Ford soap - acreativerrom - designinsipration - soapdesign

For the lovers of the simple. Tom Ford showed again that it is not about glorifying something that isn’t there. It is a soap so it shall be.

Let the soap be a soap but let it be a good soap. It should be about a sensual sense, about character and about feeling good. Isn’t this way of dealing with the things in their pure form somehow romantic?


Pelle Soap Stones 


Jean and Oliver Pelle studied at the Yale School of Architecture designed this soap. They work at their studio in Red Hook Brooklyn, where they create furniture, interiors, architecture and a lot more. They get inspiration from objects and spaces around them. That means, their work is about a research for a unique beauty that is within the materials and forms they find in their working process.

The soaps are inspired by gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx.




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